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Indiana Wildlife Federation 
Legislative Final Update for 2014 Session

The 2014 Legislative Session ended March 14. Lots of hard work on the part of Indiana Wildlife Federation members and others helped shape legislation, we did have some things to cheer about, although we weren’t entirely pleased with all the outcomes. Stopping canned hunting was the biggest win! And working with legislators to modify the bill that would have significantly reduced penalties for wildlife and natural resources violations resulted in a more palatable bill.  Please see the updates by bill number below. Click on the bill number to see the bill language.

This summer will see some natural resources activity in legislative study committees. One study committee will examine the state forest management strategy and another will discuss Indiana’s water resources, supply and demand, and management plan.

Next year is a budget year in the legislature. We’ll be educating legislators on the values of our natural resources, and the importance of supporting the agencies that take care of them.  


2014 Legislation - Detailed Bill Results

Senate Bills

  • SB 4: Wild animals on airport runways.  Neutral.  Passed
  • SB 52: Criminal penalties and DNR.  Opposed the original version that reduced most natural resources penalties to infractions.  The bill was amended to reinstate some of the misdemeanor penalties.  This amended version passed.  IWF will be monitoring the impact of this legislation on the ability of conservation officers and prosecutors to protect our natural resources and wildlife. 
  • SB186: Right to farm.  Neutral.  Passed
  • SB 271: Water resources study committee responsibilities.  Supported.  Passed
  • SB 359: Confined feeding operations and composting.  Supported.  Passed
  • SB 361: Dog training in game breeder enclosures.  Neutral if did not include fox and coyote.  Died in Senate but was amended into HB1307.  This allows the DNR to permit chasing of wild animals for dog training.
  • SB 404: Hunting preserves. Opposed. Died.  Stalled in Senate.  Attempt to amend into SB4 in the House failed.

House Bills

  • HB1005:  Government reduction.  Opposed language that would have impacted Natural Resources Commission rule making ability.  Bill was amended to remove the objectionable language.  Passed
  • HB 1050: Special circumstances hunting safety card. Arnold- Supported.  Passed
  • HB 1143: Environmental rules and standards. Died.  Opposed.
  • HB 1307: Various natural resource matters. Supported in general.  Passed.  Opposed the amendment that added life time hunting, fishing, trapping license subject to the Natural Resources Commission.  Lifetime licenses are a money loser for DNR.  License fees and the associated federal matching funds support the DNR Div. of Fish and Wildlife, which is already significantly underfunded.  Added dog training ground permit language from SB361that died in the Senate.


  • SR 61:  Study committee to assess feasibility and necessity of a wilderness preservation system for Indiana’s public lands.  Neutral. Passed.  In general, IWF supports appropriate management of forests to produce a diversity of different aged trees.  Indiana forests are on average middle age and are lacking in enough younger aged trees and early emergent habitat.  Considering all public forests, not just state forests, over 40% is not logged.
  • SJR 9Constitutional Right to Hunt, Fish, Harvest – Supported.  Passed
  • SCR 4:  Hoosier Roadside Heritage Program-Supported.  Passed 

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