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To promote the conservation, sound management, and sustainable use of Indiana's wildlife and wildlife habitat through education, advocacy, and action.

IWF Conservation Awards 

Who is Eligible?

Any Indiana resident or any organization affiliated with the Indiana Wildlife Federation is eligible. Nominees should display outstanding leadership and have made exceptional contributions in the area of resource conservation in which they have been nominated. Anyone may submit a nomination.

Air Conservationist of the Year

For recognition of outstanding efforts to study or improve air quality.

Agriculture Conservation Award

For outstanding effort to practice and demonstrate exemplary conservation in the field of agriculture or agriculture-related business.

Conservation Club/Affiliate of the Year (Members only)

For an IWF affiliated organization that has shown good leadership and an outstanding conservation effort on behalf of the state’s natural resources, environment, education and wildlife.

Conservation Communicator of the Year

For dedicated efforts to raise awareness of conservation issues through writing and other forms of communication.

Conservation Education Award

For outstanding effort in the education of Indiana’s youth and the general public about conservation of our state’s natural resources. This can be demonstrated by means of workshops field trips, seminars, hunter safety programs etc.

Conservation Organization of the Year

For an organization that has shown outstanding conservation effort of Indiana’s natural resources.

Forest Conservationist of the Year

For outstanding effort in the field of forest conservation in the state.  This may include tree planting, timber stand improvement, fire prevention, disease control and other forest management practices.

The Ginn Award (for members only)

Presented annually to one or more IWF members for dedicated efforts and longevity of service to help IWF reach its goals and objectives.

Jack Cronin Hunter Education Award

Presented to an Indiana certified hunter education instructor who excels in teaching the disciplines of hunter ethics and wildlife management.

Legislative Conservationist of the Year

For outstanding effort on legislative matters concerning Indiana’s natural resources and environment. The recipient may be a state or federal legislator, legislative aide or private citizen involved in sponsoring or co-sponsoring natural resource related legislation, or other individual whose efforts have resulted in protecting or enhancing natural resources, wildlife and the environment.

The Leopold Award (for members only)

Presented annually to one or more IWF members who have recently become involved with the organization, and by their action merit recognition.

Paul Bunner Conservationist of the Year

For an individual in Indiana who has excelled in an overall conservation effort, by environmental achievements or consideration of our natural resources. 

Soil Conservationist of the Year

For outstanding achievement in contributing to developing soil conservation programs.

The Theodore Roosevelt Award (for members only)

Presented to one or more IWF members to convey special recognition for a specific achievement.

Water Conservationist of the Year

For outstanding effort in the wise use of Indiana’s water resources.  Areas of eligibility may include water control, water quality, wetland protection, preservation of our state’s scenic rivers and streams, and wise use of groundwater supplies.

Wildlife Conservationist of the Year

For outstanding efforts in the conservation of our state’s wildlife resources.  Areas of eligibility are wildlife refuge management, pond stocking and management, and habitat preservation.  This may include construction of bird nesting boxes, wildlife inventory and establishing food plots.

History of Awardees


2008       Kevin Gurney


2008       Catherine Brown, Dave Hoffman, Steve Van Zant

2007       Chuck Brinkman, Dave Nanos, Paul Bunner

2005       Glenn Lange

2004       Gordon Hirschy, Richard Poor

2002       Gary Doxtater

2000       Doug Allman, Brent Herbert, Jack Dold

1999       Tom Bean

1997       Jim Conner; Mark Lewis

1996       Dale Back; Brian Moore

1995       Dan Deeb



2012      Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative

2011      Brian Solomon

2008       Cains Homelike Farms

2004       Fred Wolff

1997       Greg Oren

1996       Danny N. Donathen

1995       Bernard Baltes

1994       Ray McCormick

1993       Robert L. Thompson

1992       William W. Erwin

1991       Harry Eby



2013 Indiana Bowhunter Association, Indiana Deer Hunters Association, Indiana Sportsmans’ Round Table, Indiana Conservation Office Organization, Jerry Wheeler—IWF Volunteer, Indiana Division of the Izaak Walton League of America, Indiana Branch of the Quality of Deer Management Assoc., Indiana Chapter of Wildlife Society

2015       Indiana Catfish Conservation Association

2014       St. Joseph River Valley Fly Fishers

2012      North Dearborn CC

2010       New Alsace CC

2009       Bremen CC

2007       Farmland CC

2004       Northeast Indiana Trout Association

2003       Richland  Cntr. Fish & Game

1999       Bremen CC

1998       Laughery Valley

1997       Bremen CC

1996       Michiana Walleye

1995       New Alsace CC

1994       Blackford County

1993       Furtakers of America 7-D

1992       Farmland CC

1991       Middletown CC

1990       Fall Creek Valley CC

1989       Rolling Prairie CC

1988       Farmland CC

1987       Rolling Prairie CC

1986       Henry County CC

1985       Turkey Creek CC

1984       Monroe Township CC

1983       Chain-O-Lakes CC

1982       Chain-O-Lakes CC

1981       Berne CC



2012      Angela Hughes

2011      Julie Kendal

2009      Don Bickel

2006      Indianapolis Star Editorial Staff

2005       Bryan Poynter

2004       Brent Wheat

2003       Ray Dickerson

2002       Brian Smith

2000       Phil Bloom

1999       Seth Slabaugh

1998       Mike Marot

1995       Phil Bloom

1994       Sue Lowe

1993       Richard O. Davis

1991       Sharon Wiggins

1989       Barbara Tucker

1988       South Bend Tribune

1987       Bill Scifres



2015       Purdue University - West Lafayette

2014      Kristen Compton

2012       Nicole Messacar

2010       Rick Croslin

2009       Natural Resource Education Center

2008       Wayne Naylor

2006       Chris Brunette

2005       Judy Talbot

2001       Arrowhead RC&D

2000       Mary Arnold-Roller

1999       Tammy Davis

1998       Jan Ivkovich

1997       Richard Glassman

1995       Pamela Addison

1995       Phyllis Said

1994       Vic Hesher

1993       Nancy Berry

1992       Warren Gartner

1991       Thomas Schultz

1990       Bill Vernon

1989       Frank Williams

1988       Dr. Clyde Hibbs

1987       Sam Carman

1986       Janet Meyer

1985       Emily Kress

1984       John Bogucki


2016       Heart of the River Coalition

2015       Clay Township Regional Waste District

2011       Little River Wetlands Project

2004       Coal Creek Chapter Pheasants Forever

2003       Indiana Deer Hunters

2002       Indiana Natural Resources Foundation

2001       White River Rescue

2000       Habitat CPR—Zionsville

1999       Hoosier Muskie Hunters

1996       D.J. Case & Associates


2010       Tom Tremain

2009       Bob Edleman

1999       Randy Koetter

1998       Jack Seifert

1993       Al Meyer

1992       C.P. Morgan, Inc.

1991       Robert & Richelle Mayer

1990       Jim Davis

1989       John Datena

1988       Robert Burke

1987       Richard Heck

1987       Chris Leibering

1985       Bruce Wakeland




2016      Barbara Simpson


2011      Lynn Burry

2010       Janet Ryan

2009       Dr. Arthur Hall

2008       Dan Smith

2007       Dale Back, Charlie O’Neill

2004       Sharon Wiggins

2003       David Goodrich, Doug Allman

2003       Jim Higdon                          (posthumously)

1999       Dwight Shelton

1999       Sharon Wiggins

1999       Jack Cronin

1998       Phil Alexander

1998       Glen & Carol Huston

1997       Pete Hippensteel

1996       Walter M. Schultz, George Vargo

1995       Emily Kress, Becky Scheibelhut

1993       Phil Alexander, Art Schindler

1992       LaMar Sears

1991       Dave Goodrich, Ruth Krauch

1990       Oscar Siefker, George Yingst

1989       Delbert Hoggard

1988       Mike Grimshaw, William Ed Ginn


2009       Steve Stenger

2008       Jim and Nancy Mahoney

2007       Sidney Fennig

2006       Mike Brandt

2005       Dwight Shelton


2014      Rep. Lloyd Arnold


2013      Sen. Mike Crider, Sen. David Long

2012      Sen. David Long

2011      Rep. Dick Dodge

2008       Sen. Beverly Gard, Rep. Scott Pelath

2007       Rep. Robert Bischoff

2006       Senator Robert Garton

2005       Gary Doxtater

2003       Tiny Adams

2001       Charlie O’Neill

2000       Rep. Baron Hill

1997       Sen. Robert Meeks

1996       Rep. Richard Mangus

1992       John A. Bremer

1990       Rep. Jim Jontz

1989       Sen. Vi Simpson

1987       Rep. Dennis Avery

1986       Sen. Richard Lugar

1984       John Augsburger


2008       Dwight Shelton

2008       Gary Doxtater


2016        Barbara Sha Cox

2015        David Craig

2012        Phil Cox

2011        Jeanette Neagu

2008       Jim Eagleman

2007       Father Damian Schmelz

2006       Mike Kiley

2005       Gene Hopkins

2004       Tom Stevens

2003       Chuck Devleschower

2002       Ed Squires

2001       Bill Scifries

1999       Paul Graf

1998       Dick Mercier

1997       John Stoller

1996       Ed Green

1995       Dave Hudak

1994       Jim & Nancy Carpenter

1993       Diana Mendelson

1992       James H. Lehey

1991       Delbert Hoggard

1990       Lawrence Nelson

1989       Dr. Charles Mortensen

1988       Tim Moore

1985       Mark Carpenter

1984       Jack Cronin

1983       Glenn Huston

1982       Gary Szmanda


2011      Jim Lake

2009       Ron Lauster

2008       Brianna Lowe

1998       Andy Ertle

1988       Robert Leininger

1988       Susan Leininger

1986       Jim Martin


2013       Dale Back

2012       Jack Corpus, Mitch Daniels 

2009       John Davis

2007       Becky Scheibelhut, Jim Jontz

2006       Phil Ohmit

2005       A.J. Hamilton

2003       George Yingst

2002       Lynn Jenkins

2001       Gary Doxtater

2000       Betsy Ingle

1999       Brian Moore



2010       Ray Chattin

2009       Jill Hoffman

2008       Lenore Tedesco

2004       Jim McIntyre

2003       Annette Geis

2002       Dr. Horst Siewert

2001       Dr. Arthur Hall

1999       Project CLEAR

1998       Cam Davis

1997       Bob Hughes

1996       Chuck Bauer

1995       Eric Myers

1994       Becki Moffett-Carey

1993       John M. Craddock

1992       Friends of the White River

1991       Dave Hudak

1988       Jim New

1986       John Winters



2015       Suzie Ronk and Emma Brinson


2011       Thom Maher

2008       Mark and Heather Brehob

2006       Paul Bunner

2001       David Lee

2000       Dr. James Mitchell

1998       Jim Eagleman

1997       Scott Johnson

1996       Catherine Gremillion-Smith

1994       Greg Oskay

1993       Jon Reese

1992       Fred Carey

1991       Walt Talbott

1990       Eugene Fry

1989       Marvin Persinger

1988       Chris Iverson




2016      Glenn Lange


2015     Jon Laramore, Brent Taylor,
              Stephanie Boxell, Sarah Sharp
             (Faegre Baker Daniels LLP)

1997      Art Schindler

2013      Bill “Minner” Fish

1996      Greg Oskay

2012      Jeanette Wilson

1995      Mike Grimshaw  

2008       Gary Doxtater

1994      Pat Ralston

2007       John Goss

1993      Dwight Shelton

2006       Debbie Twardy

1992      Becky Scheibelhut

2005       Paula Yeager

1991      Herb Krauch

2004       Dale Back

1990      Dave Herbst

2003       Becky Scheibelhut

1989      Dwight Shelton

2002       Jack Dold

1988      Jim & Becky Scheibelhut

2001       Paula Yeager

1987      Phil Ohmit

2000       Dwight Shelton

1986     Greg Cobb

1999       Mike Grimshaw

1985      Dave Hudak

1998       Ed Hansen

1984      Charles Holt


Nomination Form

2015 Indiana Wildlife Federation Award Nomination

Attach a separate sheet listing the nominee’s accomplishments and contributions.

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Send to: Indiana Wildlife Federation – 708 East Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202, or email info@indianawildlife.org