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To promote the conservation, sound management, and sustainable use of Indiana's wildlife and wildlife habitat through education, advocacy, and action.

Certified Sustainable Wilderness Trail

The Sustainable Wilderness Trail Certification (SWTC) program was designed to encourage the development of trails into thriving habitat corridors that are easier to manage, offer a greater benefit to trail users, and promote the conservation of local ecosystems through enriching human interaction with the environment. By partnering with the Indiana Wildlife Federation (IWF) through this program, participants will receive guidance, feedback, and access to resources which will help them build and maintain wildlife-friendly trails. To learn more about this program, please see below or read our full Sustainable Wilderness Trail Certification Guide.

A trail may meet certification by completing actions in several categories:

  • Elements of a sustainable trail
  • Wildlife habitat components
  • Water conservation, retention, & recycling
  • Sustainable maintenance
  • Public benefit

Trails that complete the certification process will receive an aluminum sign acknowledging their corresponding certification level: Gold – Conservation Champion, Silver – Sustainability Advocate, Bronze – Wildlife Sponsor. They will also be recognized through press releases, articles, and social media outreach.

We are currently working with a local partner to certify the first such trail in downtown Indianapolis and will be releasing more details once the trail is formally recognized.

If you are interested in pursuing certification for a trail in your area, please contact our Habitat Programs Coordinator, Aaron Stump, at stump@indianawildlife.org or 317.875.9453