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To promote the conservation, sound management, and sustainable use of Indiana's wildlife and wildlife habitat through education, advocacy, and action.


Indiana Wildlife Federation
Legislation for the 2014-2015 Session

The 2014-2015 Legislative Session is complete. Please check back next year for updates during the 2015-2016 session. 

2015 Legislation: Detailed Bill Results

Senate Bills

  • SB120 Invasive Species Council, Glick - Support
  • SB226 Wild Animal Permits, Crider - Support
  • SB249 Agricultural Structures, Leising - Oppose 
  • SB312 Above Ground Storage Tanks Registration, Charbonneau - Watch 
  • SB371 Veterans Free License, Becker, Waltz, Tomes - Watch
  • SB410 Water Institute, Merritt - Watch
  • SB442 Makes Canned Hunting Illegal, Pete Miller - Support
  • SB472 Various Veterans' Matters, Merritt, Stoops - Watch
  • SB473 Voluntary Monitoring of Wells, Charbonneau - Watch
  • SB474 Water Utility Planning Needs, Charbonneau - Watch
  • SB498 DNR Sale of Nursery Stock and Seeds, Delph - Watch
  • SB503 Net Metering for Electric Utility Customers, Messmer - Watch
  • SB553 Various Veterans' Matters, Grooms, - Watch
  • SB548 Designated Wild Areas, Stoops - Oppose

House Bills

  • HB1001 State Budget, Brown, Porter - Support (additional funding for conservation)
  • HB1097 Large Scale Water Discharges, Aylesworth - Watch
  • HB1111 Aquifer Study,  Stemler - Watch
  • HB1208 Additional Antlered Deer Licenses, Arnold – passed House Committee 1-26-15
  • HB1220 Recreational Trails Maintenance, Friend - Watch
  • HB1290 Nullification of EPA Rules in Indiana, Judy, Heaton - Oppose
  • HB1321 Oil and Natural Gas Regulation, Koch Frye, VanAtter - Oppose
  • HB1351 Restrictions on Rule Making, Wolkins - Oppose
  • HB1452 Natural Resourse Matters, Eberhart - Support Overall, Oppose one Section
  • HB1453 Hunting Preserves,  Eberhart - Oppose 
  • HB1471 Recreational Trails Policy, Friend, Eberhart - Watch
  • HB1501 Invasive species council, Baird - Support
  • HB1611 National Resources Issues, McMillian - Oppose
  • HB1629 Lifetime license, Morris, Ober - Watch


  • SJR002 Constitutional Right to Hunt and Fish, Steele - Support


Please Click Here for 2013-2014 Legislative session. 

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