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To promote the conservation, sound management, and sustainable use of Indiana's wildlife and wildlife habitat through education, advocacy, and action.

Press Releases

Land Acquisitions Will Open Recreational Opportunities for Hoosiers


Contact: Barbara Simpson, Executive Director. (317) 875-9453, or simpson@indianawildlife.org

(Indianapolis. November 14, 2013) Efforts by the Indiana Wildlife Federation (IWF) yields a half-million dollars to invest in land acquisitions as part of a modified Consent Decree with Indiana Michigan Power (I&M). “This will not only protect and open new lands for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds, but will also result in improvements in the quality of our air over time.” states IWF Executive Director Barbara Simpson. “We’re working with a lot of folks to leverage these settlement dollars with other sources of funding to purchase strategic properties which will increase wildlife habitat in permanently protected areas, and will be available to public access.”

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Canned Hunting Court Decision Should Be Appealed

OCTOBER 11, 2013

Governor Pence should appeal the confusing and contradictory court decision in Harrison County that said the deer in Mr. Rodney Bruce’s operation are private property and not subject to State regulation.

Judge John Evans stated that in the high fence/canned hunting operation the “individual hunters comply with DNR’s hunting regulations, including obtaining a deer license, hunting during the proper days of the year, and reporting killed deer to DNR.” This suggests the high fence/canned hunting operation is required to comply with State law. Then follows a contradictory statement that “the deer….are privately owned and are not the property of the State of Indiana. Therefore the animals are not the property of the people of the State of Indiana.” This statement suggests the high fence/canned hunting operation is not required to comply with State law.

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Judge Nardi Should Rule on High-Fence

August 1, 2012

Indianapolis, Ind. - On Monday, August 6th, at 1:00 PM, Circuit Court Judge Frank M. Nardi will again be given the opportunity to serve the people of Indiana.  His courtroom in the Owen County courthouse will be the setting for yet another battle on high-fence “canned” hunting:  a hearing to grant or deny a summary judgment, filed by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.  Judge Nardi’s court originally set the hearing for April 1, moved it to June 1, then to July 5, and now has it placed on Monday’s docket.

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Asian Carp Director To Help Honor Indiana Conservationists

May 16, 2012

Zionsville, Ind. – On May 19th, the Indiana Wildlife Federation (IWF) will recognize six Indiana conservationists, and two conservation organizations at its annual Conservation Awards Banquet at Spring Mill State Park.

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Governor Daniels Designates National Wildlife Week in Indiana

Governor Mitch Daniels proclaimed March 15-21st as National Wildlife Week in Indiana.  To celebrate the week, the Indiana Wildlife Federation is launching an online contest called What’s in Your Wild Backyard? on March 15th.

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