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To promote the conservation, sound management, and sustainable use of Indiana's wildlife and wildlife habitat through education, advocacy, and action.

Location: Stretching from the east side of the White River to the south side of the Fall Creek tributary in Indianapolis.

Certificate Status: Gold Level: Conservation Champion

Certificate Date: June 2017

Project Overview:

The Urban Wilderness Trail is the first to be certified in our Certified Sustainable Trails program due to their dedication in perserving the natural habitat while also putting forth the plans to be sustainable for years to come.The trail was transformed from Department of Public Works service roads to  the trail it is today in order to help maintain year-round pedestrian access to the 210 acres of wildlife habitat through which the current two cross country courses and connecting trails pass.

Led by the Indiana Invaders Coaching Staff and Support Staff, this oppurtunity came to light after a conflict occured during the 2004 USA World Cross Country Trials Championship where the location was moved from alongside the White River and Fall Creek tributary, now known as the Urban Wilderness Trail, to Martin Park due to construction occuring at the time. After the conflict, key individuals with Indy Parks and White River State Park (WRSP) recognized the unique value of the space in terms of competitive and recreational running on natural surfaces. After further discussion with Indiana Invaders Coach Greg Harger and insight from Don Colvin (City/Indy Parks) and Stuart Lowry (WRSP and Indy Parks), the entire space was starting to be envisioned as one comprehensive trail development initiative.

Through the completion of this project, gateways and windows have been created for common citizenry and organizations seeking access and exposure to outdoor educational and wellness benefits in natural settings while safe-guarding spaces for the circle-of-life that is found in functional and sustainable natural habitats.

Photo (Above): Runner accessing Urban Wilderness Trail

Photo (Left): Bird watchers on the bank of the White River

Photo (Right): Monarch tagging on the trail

Project Plan:

Click below to preview the Urban Wilderness Trail guide.