• Common Sense Conservation Since 1938
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To promote the conservation, sound management, and sustainable use of Indiana's wildlife and wildlife habitat through education, advocacy, and action.

Our Mission is to promote the conservation, sound management, and sustainable use of Indiana's wildlife and wildlife habitat through education, advocacy and action.

The Indiana Wildlife Federation has played a part in conserving Indiana's natural resources since 1938. As the nonprofit, grass-roots affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation*, IWF works to promote the wise use of our renewable resources through educational programs like Certified Sustainable Trails and the Backyard Wildlife Habitat.

The Indiana Wildlife Federation works with state agencies and other organizations to monitor Indiana's wildlife and habitats, including Hoosier lakes and rivers, air, and soil. We pay particular attention to legislation that affects Indiana's conservationists, wildlife watchers, sportswomen and men--and of course our state's wildlife and wildlife habitat. 

As our organization grows, we are also involved in national issues that affect Indiana's resources. As the state affiliate for the National Wildlife Federation, we utilize the resource of program staff that works directly on national issues such as "Clean the Rain,” which promotes reducing mercury contamination in our air and subsequently our water resources. As fish consumption advisories increase across the U.S., this campaign serves as an important tool for the Indiana Wildlife Federation to increase awareness about mercury contamination in Indiana's lakes and rivers.

The Indiana Wildlife Federation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors representing all parts of the state. Our diverse membership consists of local conservation organizations, individuals, corporations, and businesses. People like you, who care about our environment for future generations of Hoosiers, comprise the membership of the Indiana Wildlife Federation.

Every year, the Indiana General Assembly passes laws that can have a profound effect on our natural resources, wildlife, and outdoor recreation activities. In many cases, the Indiana Wildlife Federation helps make lawmakers aware of the positive and negative effects of legislation they hope to enact. We participate in the Natural Resources Legislative Summer Study Committee Meetings and testify before the House and Senate subcommittees on bills that impact our wildlife and wildlife habitat in Indiana. You too can participate in this process by contacting your state and national legislators on issues directly affecting our environment, wildlife, and us.

*Indiana Wildlife Federation and National Wildlife Federation have complementary missions that enable them to work together on issues they have in common but are separate organizations that establish their positions and policies independently. Their by-laws, boards, and budgets are distinct from each other.


IWF advocates for a future with sustainable wildlife and wildlife habitats based on a tradition of common sense conservation.


  1. Sustainable wildlife populations in healthy, natural habitats are both intrinsically valuable and important for the health, enjoyment, and well-being of Indiana's residents.
  2. Hunting, fishing, and trapping, wildlife watching, and enjoying the outdoors are valuable Hoosier traditions that benefit diverse wildlife populations, habitat preservation, Indiana's economy, and their participants when conducted responsibly.
  3. Wildlife education programs based on common sense conservation instill in all people a connection with nature, which will foster enlightened stewardship of natural resources.
  4. Wildlife and wildlife habitat policy and programs must be based on valid scientific information, and any public policy that directly or indirectly affects wildlife should be consistent with sound conservation principles and values.
  5. Outdoor and wildlife-related recreational behavior should always complement common sense conservation ethics and the law.
  6. Fulfilling the IWF mission depends on its diverse membership and partners who represent a variety of wildlife concerns and interests.
  7. We value the partnership with the National Wildlife Federation and work collaboratively under the leadership of the Indiana Wildlife Federation Board of Directors.
  8. IWF's success depends on a commitment to conservation and the integrity of its Board, staff, and policies.
  9. IWF's policies and practices are largely guided by the North American Conservation Model*.

Common Sense Conservation

The Indiana Wildlife Federation is committed to continuing Teddy Roosevelt’s idea of wisely using our country’s natural resources, to use but not abuse. IWF promotes hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities allowing Hoosiers to enjoy and benefit from nature, while enhancing habitat and using wildlife management techniques that will maintain a healthy and sustainable environment. 

*Please use the link above to view an informative video about the pillars of the North American Conservation Model.