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To promote the conservation, sound management, and sustainable use of Indiana's wildlife and wildlife habitat through education, advocacy, and action.

Habitat Programs


Why provide for wildlife? As we enter the 21st century, natural places - and the plants and animals that inhabit them - face ever increasing pressure from human activity. Today, there are few places left on Earth that have not been affected in some way by our actions, and the quality of wildlife habitat continues to dwindle at a rapid rate. As a result, habitat loss has become the number one threat to wildlife today.

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Certified Wildlife Habitat

Are you interested in making your backyard an attractive haven for wildlife? Want to grow native plants on your land and attract native animals—pollinating insects, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and more? Then the Backyard Wildlife Habitat certification program is right for you! There are over 65,000 Backyard Wildlife Habitats in the United States today. The ever-increasing development of housing and business means less refuge for the natural wildlife of Indiana, and this is where you and your backyard can help! 

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Certified Sustainable Trails

Our newest program, Certified Sustainable Trails, is designed to encourage the development of trails into thriving habitat corridors that are easier to manage, offer a greater benefit to trail users, and promote the conservation of local ecosystems through enriching human interaction with the environment.

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Certfied Wildlife Habitat Workshop

Make your backyard a wildlife-friendly habitat while spending time with family! Parents and kids will enjoy learning how to bring birds, butterflies, and other wildlife into their backyard. Come together for fun activities like a nature scavenger hunt and building bug and birdhouses.

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Landscaping the Sustainable Campus

The Landscaping the Sustainable Campus program encourages sustainable and ecologically friendly practices at colleges and universities around Indiana.

By enrolling in this program, and forming a partnership with IWF, campuses receive guidance, ideas, and helpful resources from IWF regarding how to care for turfgrass in a sustainable fashion and transform areas into wildlife friendly habitats.

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Habitat Resources

Use these 7 steps to begin your dive into sustainable, wildlife-friendly landscaping. Discover your ecoregion, contact local technical experts, and find inspiration for your yard's design.

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Kids' Corner

Help your kids explore the wonders of nature with fun activities, printables, recommended reading lists, and more. Teachers will also find helpful online resources for incorporating wildlife lessons into their curriculum. 

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IWF Office Habitat

In August 2013, the IWF headquarters moved from our Zionsville location to a historic building on Michigan Street in downtown Indianapolis. While we were sad to leave Paula's Habitat behind, the benefits and amenities of the building and location of our new offices were too great to pass up! In May 2014, we had an amazing group of volunteers who helped plant the beds next to our new office with over 400 native plants. We are still formulating plans to install a water feature and other items that will meet and exceed the standards for urban wildlife habitat certification.

The What's In Your WILD Backyard? 'Online Kids' Contest

Students grades 1st-8th - learn more about Indiana wildlife and habitat and win great prizes here!

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