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To promote the conservation, sound management, and sustainable use of Indiana's wildlife and wildlife habitat through education, advocacy, and action.

IWF Urban Habitat Garden

In August 2014, the IWF headquarters moved from our Zionsville location to the Sol Center on Michigan Street in downtown Indianapolis. While we were sad to leave Paula's Habitat behind, the benefits and amenities of the building and location of our new office were too great to pass up! We have worked with our new landlord, Meals on Wheels, and other building tenants, Indiana Recycling Coalition and Down Syndrome Indiana, on plans to make the most of our urban office location.

In May 2014, we had an amazing group of volunteers who helped plant the beds next to our office with over 400 native plants. The native plants were generously provided to us from Spence Nursery. We are still formulating plans to install a water feature and other items that will meet and exceed the standards for urban wildlife habitat certification. If anyone would like to volunteer some time helping us make this habitat a haven for wildlife downtown please let us know!

Check out our planting plan that our Summer 2014 Habitat Programs Intern, Allison Tischler, created:



Paula's Habitat

The two-plus acres of land at the IWF headquarters in Zionsville have been dedicated to creating a model wildlife habitat in honor of past IWF president and champion of IWF causes, Paula Yeager.

The IWF office habitat demonstration area, made possible by funds from the IWF Paula Yeager Memorial Fund and donations from volunteers and local businesses, will be named "Paula's Habitat" in her honor. 

"We all feel that Paula would be thrilled to know that her memory will be preserved in a living way through this area," said Debbie Twardy, IWF’s office manager.

IWF Habitat Stewards™ put their expertise to work and on display in several habitat demonstration areas around the 106th street office. The areas will be used to show how backyard habitats can benefit wildlife while blending easily into the home landscape. IWF plans to partner with the Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society and local scout groups, using these areas to teach the benefits of native plants.

We owe a big "thank you" to the Habitat Stewards who volunteered time and materials. Special thanks go to Seasons Gardens for giving us a load of seedlings, the DNR for several small Burr Oaks, plus Tiffany’s and the city of Zionsville for donating mulch.

A rain garden, pond, and many donated plants and trees were planted in 2008. 


On November 9, 2005 Paula R. Yeager lost her battle with breast cancer. For six years, Paula served as the Executive Director of Indiana Wildlife Federation. She was passionate about the fight against Canned Hunting and worked tirelessly, learning everything she could about the issue. She loved the backyard habitat program and incorporated it into her own backyard and the 5x6 area in front of the small office she occupied. She dreamed of having an area like the one that houses the current IWF staff. We miss her and offer this area as a token to her dedication and love for Indiana’s wildlife and wild places. On November 15, 2005 Senator Evan Bayh honored her before the US Congress with a Congressional Statement.