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Canned Hunting in Indiana

What is “canned hunting”?

The term “canned hunting” comes from the hunting practices that are common on shooting preserves. “Hunters” pay a large fee to enter a fenced-in enclosure and shoot a trophy buck. The trophy bucks which end up on shooting preserves start out on small farms, where farmers selectively breed their deer to produce bucks with large, impressive antlers. These bucks are not wild; they are raised in captivity. The bucks are fed, medicated, and habituated to humans before they are sold to shooting preserves.

As State Senator David Long says, canned hunting is "...not real hunting. It fences in these animals. Almost every real hunter that I talk to says it's a terrible idea and they don't support it."

The timeline below was designed to educate readers on the series of events relating to the canned hunting debate in Indiana. 



Indiana Wildlife Federation has made an official stance on canned hunting which can be found HERE.

Indiana Wildlife Federation, the Indiana Chapter of The Wildlife Society, and the Indiana Deer Hunters Association submitted an Amicus Curiae brief on March 4, 2015, to petition for the case transfer from the Indiana Court of Appeals to the Indiana Supreme Court. The brief can be accessed HERE

Check out this FACT SHEET  presented by The Wildlife Society on Captive Cervid Breeding.

The Indiana Court of Appeals decision from February 2, 2015 can be read by clicking HERE. This is the decision which forced the March 4th appeal to the Indiana Supreme Court. 


More information about Indiana's battle against canned hunting can be found on our archived page HERE