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To promote the conservation, sound management, and sustainable use of Indiana's wildlife and wildlife habitat through education, advocacy, and action.

Water Resources

Water Quality Month 

August is Water Quality Month! Take this month to celebrate all of the incredible waterways and water resources Indiana has to offer! Also, consider doing something this month to help increase the cleanliness of Indiana's water!

Use the hashtags #WQM17 and #SaveOurWaterways on your social media! 

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For a detailed WQM letter, click HERE

Great Lakes Restoration 

The Great Lakes are a unique and precious resource, providing freshwater for 33 million people who live within the basin and supporting the region's ecosystem and economy. The Great Lakes basin contains nearly 20 percent of the earth's fresh surface water. It is the only freshwater system of its kind in size and ecological diversity and is essential to humans and wildlife alike, providing homes, food, recreation, and economic sustainability. The Great Lakes are critically important to the region. Nearly 11,000 miles of coastline surround the Great Lakes and their connecting channels and islands. Recreation is a 6 billion dollar industry across the Great Lakes region. For the people of the Great Lakes states, the lakes hold the key to economic health, to recreation, and to irreplaceable family experiences. To keep our water at home and support our way of life, we need to protect and restore this invaluable resource.

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Go Phosphorous Free

Phosphorus: Threatening Indiana’s Water From Lawn To Lake

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