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To promote the conservation, sound management, and sustainable use of Indiana's wildlife and wildlife habitat through education, advocacy, and action.

Create a Legacy… Make a Difference

The Indiana Wildlife Federation is one of the most significant advocates for wildlife and habitat in Indiana. We depend on the support of generous donors like you. By supporting the IWF through your will or other future financial plans, you will help ensure sustainable wildlife populations and healthy habitats for generations to come.

When considering a gift to the IWF, always be sure to consult with your financial advisor to determine which gift option will best serve the needs of both you and your loved ones.

If you are making provisions to leave a gift for the IWF in your estate plans, please be sure to specify the Indiana Wildlife Federation, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Tax ID# 35-1058426, as the recipient of the gift.

If you have already included the IWF in your future plans, please let us know—we would like to thank and recognize you for your gift!


Naming the IWF in your will can be a simple way to impact the future of Indiana wildlife. There are several options for including the IWF in your will:

  • A Specific Bequest: Designate the IWF to receive a specific sum from your estate.
  • A Residual Bequest: Designate the IWF to receive a percentage of the remainder of your estate, once all fees and specific bequests have been satisfied. 
  • A Contingent Bequest: Designate the IWF as an alternate recipient in the event that one of your specific bequests cannot be fulfilled.

Life Insurance & Retirement Accounts

Another way to create your conservation legacy is to name the IWF as a beneficiary of your retirement account or life insurance policy. You can designate the IWF as the recipient of a particular amount or percentage of your policy, or name the IWF as a contingent beneficiary in the event one of your other directives cannot be fulfilled.

Other Tools For Giving

Interested in planning a major gift to the IWF? Want to know more about strategies that can help you maximize the impact of your giving? We would be happy to talk with you!

Contact us for more information, and to start a conversation on how we can work together to support the mission of common sense conservation.